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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in IUCrData.

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Accepted 22 February 2024

Crystal structure of defect scheelite-type Nd2/3[WO4]

The crystal structure of defect-scheelite type Nd2/3[WO4] consists of [WO4]2− tetra­hedra and trigonal [NdO8]13– dodeca­hedra.

Accepted 19 February 2024

Prop-2-ynyl 3-meth­oxy-4-(prop-2-yn­yloxy)benzoate

The title compound, C14H12O4, was prepared via alkyl­ation of 4-hy­droxy-3-meth­oxy­benzoic acid with propargyl bromide in the presence of K2CO3.

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