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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in IUCrData.

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Accepted 21 September 2020

Chlorido­(4′-chloro-2,2′:6′,2′′-terpyridine-κ3N,N′,N′′)(tri­fluoro­methane­sulfonato-κO)zinc(II) aceto­nitrile monosolvate

The title compound structure is a unique example of a zinc(II) metal center surrounded by a tridentate chloro­terpyridine ligand, a chloride and a coordinated tri­fluoro­methane­sulfonate in a distorted square-pyramidal geometry.

Accepted 20 September 2020

Bis[tris­(pyridin-2-yl)amine]­iron(II) tris­(di­cyano­methyl­idene)methane­diide

Both ions in the title compound lie across centres of inversion, with the anion being statistically disordered.

Accepted 18 September 2020

10-Phenyl-10H-phenoxazine-4,6-diol tetra­hydro­furan monosolvate

In the crystalline state of the title solvate, C18H13NO3·C4H8O, hydrogen-bonding inter­actions between hydroxyl groups on a phenoxazine backbone and the tetra­hydro­furan solvent are observed that suggest the ability for this compound to act as a chelating ligand.

Accepted 18 September 2020

Re-refinement of sodium ammonium sulfate dihydrate at 170 K

The crystal structure of sodium ammonium sulfate dihydrate has been redetermined at 170 K on the basis of single-crystal X-ray data.

Accepted 5 September 2020

Ethyl 3,4-bis­(acet­yloxy)-2-(4-meth­oxy­phen­yl)pyrrol­idine-1-carboxyl­ate

The title compound features a twisted, tetra-substituted pyrrolidine ring, and has an N-bound ethyl­carboxyl­ate substituent with the N atom flanked by a methyl­ene group on one side and a C-bound 4-meth­oxy­phenyl group on the other. These carbon atoms are linked by two methine carbon atoms, each of which bears an acet­yloxy substituent.

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