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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in IUCrData.

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Accepted 19 September 2023

4-Amino-3,5-di­chloro­pyridinium 3-hy­droxy­pico­linate monohydrate

The title hydrated salt features a dense array of hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional network.

Accepted 18 September 2023


3-Nitro­benzo­nitrile crystallizes in the Sohncke space group P21.

Accepted 16 September 2023

Poly[[[μ-1,4-bis­(pyridin-4-ylcarbon­yl)piperazine-κ2N:N′][μ-2-(2-carboxyl­atoeth-1-en-1-yl)benzoato-κ2O:O2]zinc(II)] 2.5 hydrate]: a tri-periodic coordination polymer with a dimer-based six-connected pcu topology

The title compound contains five-coordinate ZnII ions inter­mediate between square-pyramidal and trigonal–bipyramidal coordination geometries. The ZnII ions are connected by 2-carb­oxy­cinnamate (cca) ligands and N,N′-bis-(pyridine-4-carboxamido)­piperazine (4-pcap) ligands to construct a non-inter­penetrated, tri-periodic coordination polymer with embedded [Zn2(OCO)2] dimeric units. Treating these as six-connected nodes reveals an overall (41263) pcu topology.

Accepted 14 September 2023


Centrosymmetric [Cr2(OAc)4(THF)2] consists of two CrII atoms that are bridged by four acetate ions to yield a typical paddle-wheel structure. Furthermore, each chromium atom bears an axially bound THF ligand to give a square-pyramidal coordination.

Accepted 8 September 2023


The divalent nickel compound {[Ni(ceb)(bpmp)(H2O)2]n, (ceb is (4-(carb­oxy­eth­yl)benzoate; bpmp is 1,4-bis­(pyridin-4-ylmeth­yl)piperazine) crystallizes as a fivefold inter­penetrated tri-periodic coordination polymer without co-crystallized species.

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