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Distribution of articles

In the last year, authors from 30 different countries published in IUCrData, the top five being the USA, China, Germany, India and South Korea.

Aims and scope

IUCrData is a peer-reviewed open-access data journal from the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). This innovative publication aims to provide short descriptions of crystallographic datasets and datasets from related scientific disciplines, as well as facilitating access to the data. There are two primary article categories: Raw Data Letters and Data Reports. Raw Data Letters publish short descriptions of crystallographic raw data sets in the biological, chemical or materials science fields, allowing researchers to attract attention to particular features of the data that could be of interest to methods and software developers or may be relevant to the structural interpretation. Information for each dataset includes an imgCIF containing core metadata, a diffraction image, figures, and a description of the data and their processing. The journal adheres to the FAIR principles for which the correctness and completeness of the metadata are crucial. Data Reports describe crystal structures of inorganic, metal-organic or organic compounds. Information on each crystal structure includes the crystallographic data (CIF and structure factors), a data validation report, figures and a text representation of the data.

Publication identifiers

Title: IUCrData
Abbreviated title: IUCrData
ISSN: 2414-3146
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1107/S24143146

Citation and statistical information

2021 journal statistics

Downloads: 562863
Number of submissions: 108
Acceptance rate: 94%
Average publication time: 0.9 months
Number of articles published: 95
Number of pages: 265

Peer review

Peer review process
Peer review: yes
Review process: single-blind
Number of reviews requested: 245
Number of reviews received: 180

Open access

IUCrData is open access
Open-access licence: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0 International)

Publishing costs

Submission fees: none
Page charges: none
Colour charges: none
Open-access fees: the open-access fee is USD 300; click here for more details

Abstracting details

IUCrData is covered by:

Features for authors

  • Online manuscript submission, ease of submission
  • Online tools to help prepare papers
  • Quality technical editing
  • Supporting information can be published
  • Online status check facility
  • Article publicity
  • Download, citation and altmetrics statistics available

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Diversity and inclusion

We affirm that all aspects of the publication process, as well as the research undertaken in support of publication, should be conducted in such a way as to maximize inclusion and diversity in all its forms, wherever possible.

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