subscription policy

This document provides a summary of the subscription policy for electronic editions of journals published for the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) by Wiley. It will be updated periodically and subscribers will be notified of updates by e-mail.

1. Pricing policy

Electronic editions of all IUCr journals will be available online from the addresses given below:

Subscribers are entitled to access the online editions of those journals. To enable this access, please register.

For information on subscription prices and how to order, see prices and ordering.

A number of services including tables of contents, e-mail alerting, and the provision of supplementary material (e.g. CIFs, structure factors and other structural data) are free of charge to both subscribers and nonsubscribers. In addition, both subscribers and nonsubscribers have access to the full texts of certain types of article (for example, CIF Applications, Prefaces, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Book and Software Reviews, Crystallographers, Notes and News, Addenda and Errata and New Commercial Products) and to some individual articles of other types.

The IUCr has established a Journal Grants Fund to assist institutions that have difficulties in meeting the full subscriber price.

IUCr journals are also available via Wiley Online Library.

2. Licences

Subscribers are currently granted access to the online editions of IUCr journals without a licence. However, subscribers are asked to read the current Terms and Conditions of Use of Crystallography Journals Online before registering for the service.

3. Multisite access

Academic institutions with more than one geographical site will be granted access from multiple sites, at no extra cost provided that the total number of subscriptions held by the institution is maintained.

Commercial organizations wishing to access the service from multiple sites should contact The IUCr will be pleased to negotiate global access arrangements for commercial organizations.

4. Consortia

IUCr journals are available for consortia via Wiley Online Library. For more information contact or

5. Back-issues policy

The full back catalogue of IUCr journals (1948 to date) is available in electronic form from Crystallography Journals Online.

Subscribers holding a current subscription to a particular journal will be given access to all back issues of that journal via Crystallography Journals Online. Individual articles from the back-issue archive will also be available to nonsubscribers on payment of a fee for each individual article.

6. Archiving

The IUCr has prepared a statement on its long-term archiving policy.

7. Open access

IUCr journals give authors the opportunity to make their papers open access on Crystallography Journals Online. Further information can be found in our statement on open access policy.

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