IUCr Journals and Kudos


The IUCr is working in partnership with Kudos, to help its journal authors maximize the impact of their publications.

IUCr authors can use the Kudos service to improve the visibility and impact of their research work via email and social media. The Kudos service will also measure the results of these actions and track the resulting increase in downloads, readership and, ultimately, citations.

During 2013 Kudos ran a pilot scheme with a number of other publishers where it saw an average of 19% higher daily downloads of articles shared in this way.

`I have found Kudos really useful', says Philip Gale, Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry and Head of the School of Chemistry at the University of Southampton, `It not only helps me improve the visibility of my papers, by highlighting them to my social network, but also provides a way of widening the audience for the work by linking a lay summary of the work to the paper.'

After publication of an article within an IUCr journal, authors will receive a personalized email from the IUCr in-house editorial team, sent by Kudos, requesting them to log on to the Kudos platform. On the platform, authors will be led through various steps that prompt them to explain their article; add context via links to other content such as images and data; and share their article via social networks and email.

The Kudos platform will enable authors to see the effect of their actions on altmetrics and usage data.

The service is free for users; IUCr Journals pay a small fee for authors to receive a premium level of service, including customized guidance on how to make best use of the service, and the addition of usage data to help authors evaluate the impact of their efforts.

To find out more about Kudos and our plans, please contact Andrea Sharpe, Promotions Officer, IUCr (as@iucr.org).

Examples of articles with lay summaries

Acta Cryst. A

A new theory for X-ray diffraction

Acta Cryst. B

Crystal structure of beta-Pigment Red 170

Modulated structure of adamantan-1-ammonium 4-fluorobenzoate at low temperature

Acta Cryst. D

Fingerprinting crystal structures with Raman spectroscopy

pH measurement with a spectrophotometer

J. Appl. Cryst.

How does the Nb-content change the martensite crystallography in Ti-Nb alloys?

J. Synchrotron Rad.

Achieve sub-10 pm spatial resolution using EXAFS

Useful videos from Kudos

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