most read articles

These are the most read articles in the last six months.

H-type Ce2[Si2O7]. R. J. C. Locke, M. Weis & T. Schleid (2023). IUCrData 8, x230591. 
Al0.88Cu0.94Fe0.18. Y. Liu, H. Liu, B. Wen & C. Fan (2023). IUCrData 8, x230870. 
M-type Gd2[Si2O7]. R. J. C. Locke & T. Schleid (2023). IUCrData 8, x230654. 
N-(5-Cyano­nonan-5-yl)benzamide. X. Song & W. Li (2023). IUCrData 8, x230639. 
4-(3-Chloro­anilino)benzoic acid. X. Liu & S. Long (2023). IUCrData 8, x230598. 
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