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metal-organic compounds

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The title di­chloro­cobalt(II) complex has a CoII center that exhibits a distorted octa­hedral coordination geometry and is coordinated by two N and two S atoms from the bidentate N,S-ligand situated in the equatorial plane and two Cl atoms in the axial positions.

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The reaction of silver(I) triflouro­methane­sulfonate with isonicotinamide in aceto­nitrile produces a polymeric structure held together by discrete hydrogen bonds, regium bonds between the metal atom and the solvent mol­ecules, and metal–metal inter­actions.

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The crystal structure of the centrosymmetric complex [Cu(terpy)2Cl2](OTF)2 consists of a CuII metal center in a distorted square-pyramidal geometry with ππ stacking inter­actions contributing to the crystal packing.

organic compounds

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The single-crystal structure of the title compound features a moderately strong halogen bond between one of the three crystallographically distinct iodine atoms and the nitro­gen atom. The other two chemically identical iodine atoms do not engage in halogen bonding.

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The title compound, C24H17Cl2N, crystallizes with a single mol­ecule in the asymmetric unit. In the crystal, van der Waals inter­actions are responsible for the observed packing structure.

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The solid-state structure of dimethyl 4,5-di­chloro­phthalate is presented. One of the carbonyl-containing ester groups is nearly co-planar with the aromatic ring while the second deviates considerably from the least-squares plane of its chlorine-derivatized aromatic ring. Solid-state integrity is maintained by both electrostatic inter­actions and C—HO hydrogen bonds.

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The title compound is a pyridinium salt that consists of a sulfonated pyridine N-oxide cation and a methane­sulfonate anion.
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