enhanced figures

Enhanced figures in Crystallography Journals Online are interactive visualizations of crystal and molecular structures that appear in many journal articles. They use the open-source Java program Jmol and can contain author-created scripts to show different aspects of the structure.

Viewing enhanced figures


You will require a web browser supporting JavaScript and Java, and both must be activated. Additionally, LiveConnect technology is required to operate buttons and check boxes correctly. Browsers known to work include:

  • Firefox versions 2.0 and later (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Safari versions 3.0 and later (Windows, MacOS)
  • Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and later (Windows)
  • Opera versions 9.0 and later (Windows)
  • Konqueror 3.5.6 and later (Linux)
You may need to download and install a different Java virtual machine from that supplied by default for your operating syste. Sun Java 1.6.0 is known to work well.

If Java or JavaScript are not active for your browser, a static image representing the enhanced illustration will appear in your browser. If your version of Java does not support loading of the Jmol applet, you may view instead the static image by clicking on a button on the enhanced figure page.

[Example animation
Click on the figure for an example.
  Create an enhanced figure  

Creating enhanced figures


If you can view an enhanced figure satisfactorily, you should be able to create one using the author toolkit provided for this purpose.


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